Bánh mì thịt chà bông - Vietnamese Sanwich with Pork Floss

Bánh mì thịt chà bông – Vietnamese Sandwich with Pork Floss

Bánh mì – A classic lunchtime sandwich enjoyed all over the country.  Bánh mì literally just means bread or ‘wheat cake’, so can actually refer to any sandwich you may encounter on your travels through Vietnam.  This particular example is originally from Saigon and is by far the most popular bánh mì in the South of the country.

Firstly take the crusty french bread (Viet style, so a lot airier than actual French bread), lightly butter and then spread with mayonnaise and a layer of chicken pâté. Then add sweet & sour pickled carrots and radishes, along with cucumber sticks. Add your main filling of Vietnamese spam, and then finally, top off with coriander and thinly sliced spring onions.

Not always, but often Pork floss is used to give the sandwich a meatier taste, and it sure does that very well! And if you are feeling adventurous and want to be fully authentic, then add some fresh chili for that extra kick! Yummy!! :)