Without her… There would truly be no TVK! My mentor, my toughest critic and the best Mummy EVER!!!

Yesterday, we celebrated my mummy’s birthday. I created a post on my FB blog, where members kindly sent their wishes to her! :)

At dinner, I took out my phone and showed her the post.  She blushed and excitedly said, “Oh goodness, so many people know it’s my birthday!  Did THE FACEBOOK tell them?!”  Hahaha!  She continued, “Do tell everyone I said thank you…  Erm… Can I have A FACEBOOK too?”  Being that it took years for my siblings and I just to teach her how to text, I’m guessing we’ll be trying hard to get out of this one for some time to come!

Genuinely though, Mummy had a secret grin on all evenin.  Thank you all for your kind wishes.  You made a lovely lady fell really special yesterday.

To me, she deserves everything.  The sacrifices she has made for us children, words cannot describe.  Our mothers are always there for us, through thick and thin, without judgement(ish).  And sometimes we take it for granted.

So here’s what I’d like you all to do.  Don’t wait till her birthday or mother’s day; go do something nice for your mother today!  Give her some flowers or an unexpected phone call, or better yet, a surprise visit with a big hug and an “I love you”!

Go do it! What are you waiting for?

TVK xxx