Mãng cầu Dai - Sugar Apples

Mãng cầu Dai – Sugar Apples

In some regions of the world, this plant is known as custard-apples and some as Sugar- apples.

The fruit is usually round with a scaly or lumpy skin. There are variations in shape and size. The fruit flesh is sweet, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard.

The edible portion coats the seeds generously; a bit like the gooey portion of a tomato seed. Sugar-apple has a very distinct, sweet-smelling fragrance. The texture of the flesh that coats the seeds is a bit like the center of a very ripe guava . It is slightly grainy, a bit slippery, very sweet and very soft. The seeds are scattered through the fruit flesh; the seed coats are blackish-brown, hard and shiny.

During the summer, I would make smoothies with these… oh my! Delicious indeed!! :)