TVK’s Charity Supper Club in aid of Typhoon Haiyan

corin team2

Our hungry foodies for the night

We often take the simplest things for granted, the roof over our heads or the warm food in our belly…

Typhoon Haiyan has torn a path of devastation through the Philippines and Vietnam over the past few days, claiming many lives and ripping apart countless others.  And it has only just begun; the pain of discovering loved ones missing, homes wrecked, and families torn apart.  So many people now face the uphill struggle to eat and basically just survive.  I cannot imagine anything worse.  At times like this, even the strongest people break, and yet so often the weakest seem to stand up and be counted.

Thuy’s Viet Kitchen held a supper club  to raise as much as we can to help the people of Philippines and Vietnam in these desperate times.  All proceeds from this event will be donated, along with anything additional TVK members are generous enough to give.

 Let the night begin … just some pics from the night

typhoon purple Iris to set the mood

1174717_366061400163064_264599572_nVietnamese crispy pancakes 

pho typhoonTraditional Vietnamese Pho broth on heat

1685_321237277978810_1672961672_nVietnamese spring rolls

skewersVietnamese lemongrass belly pork skewers

Chuối chiên-Banana fritters2 Something sweet for the night, banana fritters 

It was an amazing evening at TVK’s Charity Supper Club! A big thank you to all our guests, and their generosity! After 10 courses down, we have hit above our target of £1000, and achieved £2500 of funds raised for Typhoon Haiyan.

Special thanks to Corin for her fantastic organisational skills. Hanh for always being an amazing sous chef and having super time-keeping skills! Which is always appreciated by our hungry foodies! And last but not least, Phuong and Philomena. What would we have done without you lovely ladies providing such top notch service :)

 Much love,

Thuy xxx