Team EG visits TVK for a Supper Club eveningIMG_7997Some bubbly to kick of the evening at TVK!  

IMG_8015Warming up on the terrace …oh.. and posing a bit (I did ask nicely though!)

IMG_8016The gorgeous Lucy…


Super amazing Liz!! (Her cupcakes are to die for… I am serious, this lady can bake!!!)

IMG_7992Crofty is alright! hehe! ;)


 Sarah not too convinced with Matt’s Blue Steel look….

IMG_7991Easy ladies… 

IMG_8010Kev couldn’t decide on which drinks … why not both at the same time?! :P

IMG_7961 Purple Cala Lily for today…

IMG_9788Steaming hot, just off the pan Vietnamese spring rolls… and yes, quality CHECKS (2 rolls) were personally done by me! :)

IMG_7874TVK’s Vietnamese spring rolls … (a must have! classic!)

IMG_7766Vietnamese style stuffed pepper, Glass noodles with Pork & Prawns (Ớt Nhồi Tôm và Thịt)

phoPho broth simmering on the cooker… waiting to be eaten by hungry foodies!!

IMG_8109Lucy’s Amazing chocolate cake! Yummmmy! So so good! 

IMG_8092Liz’s love heart cakes!! Too pretty to eat! Ok, so we did demolish them all… but at least we have this picture to remind us :)

IMG_8146Neil & Matt pulling their Asian smile …. haha! 

IMG_8143TVK needs you!!! :)